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The one fund Boston 2013 


Within seconds of the first explosion Monday afternoon, the 12 employees at Marathon Sports, a running specialty store at 671 Boylston Street, came to the aid of the victims on the sidewalk in front of their store. The bomb had exploded only 20 feet from their door, shattering the storefront.


They pulled victims into the store and wrapped their wounds with merchandise to control the bleeding. One employee took off his belt and expertly applied a tourniquet to a woman's mangled arm. Doctors later credited him with saving her arm.


Running stores across the country were all hit very close to home by what happened Monday in Boston...we're a small family with many of our owners and employees, as well as customers gathering each year on Patriot's Day weekend in Boston for a big family reunion. We're proud of our colleagues at Marathon Sports, inspired by their heroics, and we're joining together with other running stores to respond.


Together with many Fleet Feet stores across the country and other members of the Independent Running Retailers Association, we're making available a "Runners For Boston" shirt to raise funds for those affected by the bombings. Beginning this Sunday, the shirt can be purchased at Feet Feet Davis. The price is $20, every penny of which will be donated to One Fund Boston, the charity endorsed by the Boston Athletic Association to aid those affected by the bombing. Fleet Feet Davis and Ink Monkey in Davis are donating the cost of the shirt to this effort.


If you would like to contribute more than $20, you may do so at www.onefundboston.org.This is an opportunity to stand with the national running community and let the people of Boston know that we love their marathon as much as they do, that it's much more than just a race, and that Boston is much more than just a city.

 Runners for Boston tee

Thank you.


Chris and J.D. Denton

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