A note from our friends at FIT House

Dear Fleet Feet fans,

We’ve had a great time partnering with Fleet Feet for the past month and a half to do cross training for running groups and are excited about this opportunity to tell you more about FIT House.  The FIT in FIT House stands for Functional, Intense, Training… and that’s exactly why we opened our doors a little over a year ago.  We strongly believe that athletic training should be built around function.  Whether we are specifically training an athlete for his or her sport, or focusing on balance training to help an elderly client avoid falls, we believe fitness and function go hand in hand.

Our class schedule at FIT House reflects our functional approach to fitness.  We feature a variety of classes that are designed to complement each other and challenge your body as a unit, training you to be the strongest, most agile version of yourself.  Class descriptions are as follows:


Spring is a time for new beginnings and to try new activities.  Maybe this spring you will try a new type of fitness activity.  Are you a runner?  Try a yoga class!  Is indoor fitness your main mode of working out?  Maybe you will join a Fleet Feet running group or try outdoor bootcamp.  Whatever you feel takes you out of your fitness comfort zone and to a new level, we encourage you to try it!  In fact, at FIT House, we will be offering the following programs:

And for the little ones in your life:

Please check out our May schedule, and refer to our website (fithousedavis.com) for additional details on our programs and services.  You may also email us your questions at fithousedavis@gmail.com.  We hope to see you out and about in May!


Jen and Lisa

Owners, FIT House Davis



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