Hydration Tips

Run like Water

Your body needs fluid before, during, and after you run. Start with these basics and stay on top of your run from beginning to end:

Pre-Run: Begin every run hydrated by fueling up 1-2 hours before you run.
Mid-Run: Sip fluids every 15-20 minutes throughout the run.
Post-Run: Hydrate through cool down to help your muscles recover quicker.

Fill up, grab and go!
Handheld water bottles make the perfect training partner for those intense, short-distance runs.
Try a Nathan SpeedDraw Plus Insulated or Amphipod Hydraform Handheld.

Keep everything on-hand -- but handsfree. 
During the long run, these get you ready for the trails or wherever the adventure takes you. 
Try a Nathan Trail Mix Plus belt or Amphipod RunLite Airstretch belt with customizable add on SnapFlask Xtech Modules. 

Add some energy to your H20!
Keep your body energized with electrolyte-enhancing supplements that replenishes your body as you sweat. 
Try Nuun Active and Nuun Energy (for a jolt of Caffeine), or UCAN Hydrate.

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