Here at Fleet Feet Davis, we love running, walking, and fitness, and are always excited to pass this passion on!  Hear what some of our friends are saying about training with Fleet Feet Davis.


Matthew Botting, half-marathon training group runner, competes in the Challenge Cup/Baker to Vegas relay for law enforcement. Since the start of this race, the number of teams has grown nearly 12 fold — from only 19 in 1985 to 247 in 2009 — and categories have grown to include probation officers, district attorneys, US Attorneys and full time civilian police personnel. Matthew says, "The photo is early on in my 8.2 mile leg...you can kind of make out that I am proudly wearing my Fleet Feet training singlet (or “tank top” as you Yanks call it)."



Yes You Can

Written by Ulla Blatt Bendtsen  - Participant in No Boundaries 5K Fall 2008, 10 Weeks to a 10K Winter 2009, and Spring 2009 Half-Marathon Training.

When I came to Davis from Denmark a year ago I had not run very far – ever in my life. I would attempt to run 2 miles once a week, and once a year I participated in a big running event with my workplace and ran 3 miles. I thought this was pretty good as I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1992 and expected to be in a wheelchair before the age of 40.

Now I am 49 and I just completed my first ½ marathon in 2 hrs and 22 min. and I did not drop dead at the finish line! I have trained with Fleet Feet’s training groups since the fall of 2008 – first I ran 5 K in the Davis Turkey Trot, then 10K in the Stampede and May 2nd I passed the ½ marathon milestone along the American River Parkway – a goal I did not even think about setting for myself before I joined FF. The training program, the fellow runners (the fact that I’ve always found someone nice running my pace) and the top motivated and encouraging trainers made all the difference. I’m not saying that everyone with MS can do this – I have been lucky to develop a mild case – but you can do a lot more than you think, if you are in the right environment. So go for it to-be runners out there – it is fun to run, and if I can do it, you can!


"Just wanted to report in after Big Sur! It was amazing! I definitely enjoyed the run, stopped for lots of pictures along the way, and managed to achieve my 5 hour goal with a 4:58! Whew! It was a sprint to the finish. I really do want to thank you both for the support and inspiration on and off over the past year during No Boundaries last summer, Cowtown, and Stampede training. All which prepped me for the Marathon! So when is the next group forming?" (Pamela Lynch - Participant in Summer 2008 No Boundaries, Fall 2009 and Spring 2009 Half-Marathon Training)


"Last September I signed up for the Beginning Running for Women class with the vague idea that I wanted to learn to enjoy running. I had recently completed a 5K run/walk but hated every minute of it. Running was something I always equated with being in shape and yet it was a physical activity I had never really achieved success with. Running was hard and it hurt. This was pretty much my mental attitude entering the Running for Women class.

At the first class I met a wonderful group of women, all shapes and sizes. As we went through our run/walk intervals the time just flew by. What a great idea, exercise and chatting all grouped into a single activity. And the motto of the group, that no one gets left behind, was really refreshing to me. As we started to run more than walk, those conversations perhaps became a little harder to carry on, but I always went to class knowing I was going to have a great time with a wonderful group of women.

Currently I'm midway through the Intermediate class and as I contemplate doing a 10K honor run this week, I realize that I have truly achieved that vague goal that I had for my original Running for Women class. Running really has become an activity that I enjoy and look forward to. It challenges me mentally as well as physically and at the end of a run I feel proud of what I can now accomplish." (Natalie Lindquist - participant in beginning and intermediate Running for Women programs)


"When I signed up for RFW I told people that if this program makes me like running it is a "miracle!" Well guess what?! I think it might just be miraculous!! Amazing to be sure! I have never liked to run, jog, or do any exercise regularly. I have tried going to gyms, to Curves, and to aerobics classes. None of these kept me motivated or interested enough to keep me going back. I've always thought that running was a great exercise because it is inexpensive and you can take it anywhere. But I never thought that I would or could become a "runner." I also never knew that "run/walk" was an option! Run a little, walk a little? Even I can do that! What is especially motivating is that after only 6 weeks I can see and feel real results in my body and we are not even half way through the program.

The real motivation, though, is the group of women who are in the program with me. Not only do I know they are expecting me to show up, there is always someone to chat with to keep me occupied while exercising! I am inspired to be with women of all ages and body-sizes exercising together. Where else can you find that?

I think the program is fantastic ... you are making your business stand out from the rest, providing and creating community, and best of all- you are concretely changing women's lives for the better!" (Carrie Ziser - Participant in Running for Women)



"This was my 53rd birthday present to myself. (couch to 5k) That 1st week I thought "no way will I be able to do this". Monday was my birthday and Saturday I completed the 5k without stopping once." (No Boundaries Participant Spring 2009)

"I would like to thank each and everyone one you for all the support during the last few weeks. The race this morning was an amazing accomplishment for me personally!" (No Boundaries Participant Spring 2009)

"I can't imagine my life anymore before RFW. It seems as though the healthier me gets more joy out of life. RFW has truly changed my life." (Running for Women Participant Winter 2008)

"Running for Women just might be the best thing you’ll ever do for yourself – and this is coming from someone who entered the program out of shape and full of doubt. I urge you to give it a try." (Running for Women Participant Winter 2008)

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